How Can You Tell If Your Pipes Are Frozen?


Frozen pipes can be a problem in areas of the country where the temperatures drop to levels below freezing during the winter. Knowing how to identify frozen pipes and what to do about them can help you take care of your home and prevent winter plumbing problems. How can you tell if your pipes are frozen? If your pipes are frozen, your first indication will likely be a lack of water coming from the spigot when you turn on the affected faucet in the morning.

24 December 2015

Exploring Bathroom Flooring Options


While durability and visual appeal are factors homeowners and landlords like to consider during a bathroom remodel, there is one factor more important than any other when choosing bathroom flooring. That factor is moisture. Arguably, your bathroom builds up more moisture than any room in your home and it does so quickly. For this reason, whether or not a type of flooring gets along with moisture should be your biggest concern when choosing a flooring.

16 December 2015

The Pros & Cons Of Installing A Vacuum Assist Toilet In Your Bathroom


When it comes to your bathroom, you want to make sure that you have a toilet that you only have to flush once and everything is gone. Additionally, it is nice to have a toilet that needs minimal repairs. Here are some of the pros and cons of installing a vacuum assisted toilet in your house, as well as a basic review of how this type of toilet works. The Basics Of How A Vacuum Assist Toilet Works

9 December 2015

2 Potential Reasons Water Comes Out Of Your Bathtub But Not The Showerhead


Modern bathrooms often feature a bathtub that also operates as a shower, depending on how you switch the water flow. You step into the bathtub one day, turn on the water, switch on the shower – and nothing happens. The water was running out of the bathtub faucet without issue so you know there's no problem in your water line. What went wrong? There are a couple of potential reasons why the water came out of your bathtub but not the showerhead.

30 November 2015

3 Beginner Tips For Using Silicone To Seal Your Sink Drain


In order to prevent your sink from experiencing any potential leaks, it needs to be sealed during installation using a sealant. One of the best sealants for sealing a sink drain is silicone. It gives an airtight seal and will hold up to any external elements. If a seal is applied properly it can last for years without any problems. Silicone is not as easy to apply as plumber's putty, but with a few tips, it can last longer.

20 November 2015

How to Replace a Leaking Steel Sink Trap with a Plastic Trap


Sink traps are designed to prevent possible clogging agents from traveling further into your drain pipes. They are also useful in catching valuable small items that are accidentally dropped into sink drains. However, in addition to these useful functions, they also trap dirt and other materials to keep them from forming a thick wet sludge that may sit in the bottom of the trap indefinitely. Unfortunately, steel will rust when exposed to wet conditions over an extended period.

12 November 2015

Protect Your Plumbing: When The Weather Gets Cold, Keep Your Pipes From Freezing


When the weather gets cold, it's important to prepare your plumbing system for the freezing temperatures ahead. The more you get your home ready for the winter, the fewer problems you will have with pipes freezing. From outdoor hose attachments to pipes in your basement, it's helpful to do a complete check of all of your plumbing fixtures to make sure that they are ready to handle the cold weather.

4 November 2015

A Breakdown Of Normal And Problematic Air Conditioner Noises


If you listen to the sounds your central air conditioning system makes, you will be able to spot trouble with the system much faster. This article will fill you in on some of the regular sounds you can expect to come from your system and some of the sounds you want to watch out for that may indicate a problem. Normal sounds your central air conditioning system will make When your air conditioner kicks on it is normal for you to hear the motor run through the ducting.

27 October 2015

How To Unclog The Toughest Drain Plug-Ups


There are many reasons why a sink can clog, and many simple ways for a person to unclog common clogging problems. For example, hair buildup in the tub or shower can cause a drain to clog, as can soap scum, food particles and grease. These clogs often build up over time, causing the drain to become slower and slower. Common household cleaners work well on clogs, such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and borax.

20 October 2015

Upgrading Your Elderly Loved One's Plumbing: What You Don't Want To Miss


There are a lot of products on the market that can help improve your loved one's accessibility while in the bathroom. If you want to help increase your elderly loved one's safety and hopefully extend their time of independence at home, here are a few bathroom and plumbing upgrades that will be the most helpful: Higher Toilet, or a Toilet Seat Extender As people age, it becomes more and more difficult to sit down and stand back up (especially the latter).

14 October 2015