How to Replace a Leaking Steel Sink Trap with a Plastic Trap


Sink traps are designed to prevent possible clogging agents from traveling further into your drain pipes. They are also useful in catching valuable small items that are accidentally dropped into sink drains. However, in addition to these useful functions, they also trap dirt and other materials to keep them from forming a thick wet sludge that may sit in the bottom of the trap indefinitely. Unfortunately, steel will rust when exposed to wet conditions over an extended period.

12 November 2015

Protect Your Plumbing: When The Weather Gets Cold, Keep Your Pipes From Freezing


When the weather gets cold, it's important to prepare your plumbing system for the freezing temperatures ahead. The more you get your home ready for the winter, the fewer problems you will have with pipes freezing. From outdoor hose attachments to pipes in your basement, it's helpful to do a complete check of all of your plumbing fixtures to make sure that they are ready to handle the cold weather.

4 November 2015

A Breakdown Of Normal And Problematic Air Conditioner Noises


If you listen to the sounds your central air conditioning system makes, you will be able to spot trouble with the system much faster. This article will fill you in on some of the regular sounds you can expect to come from your system and some of the sounds you want to watch out for that may indicate a problem. Normal sounds your central air conditioning system will make When your air conditioner kicks on it is normal for you to hear the motor run through the ducting.

27 October 2015

How To Unclog The Toughest Drain Plug-Ups


There are many reasons why a sink can clog, and many simple ways for a person to unclog common clogging problems. For example, hair buildup in the tub or shower can cause a drain to clog, as can soap scum, food particles and grease. These clogs often build up over time, causing the drain to become slower and slower. Common household cleaners work well on clogs, such as vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda and borax.

20 October 2015

Upgrading Your Elderly Loved One's Plumbing: What You Don't Want To Miss


There are a lot of products on the market that can help improve your loved one's accessibility while in the bathroom. If you want to help increase your elderly loved one's safety and hopefully extend their time of independence at home, here are a few bathroom and plumbing upgrades that will be the most helpful: Higher Toilet, or a Toilet Seat Extender As people age, it becomes more and more difficult to sit down and stand back up (especially the latter).

14 October 2015

4 Ways To Prevent Water Damage In Your Bathroom When There's A Leak


A toilet that is overflowing, or another serious leak, can cause large amounts of water to gush into your bathroom. Along with being a major annoyance and inconvenience, all of this water can also damage your flooring, your cabinetry and other parts of your bathroom. Preventing leaks from happening in the first place is the most effective way to prevent water damage in your bathroom, but following these tips can help if a leak does happen.

7 October 2015

Smelly Sewer Odors Around The Home? Act Fast To Avoid A Messy Situation


If you have odors around the yard and you think there could be issues with the septic tank, you want to give it attention fast. It's a safety concern to be inhaling feces and urine, and you could be polluting the property and ground water. If you know the unit has never had a proper inspection, or you don't have your plumbing inspected as often as you should, it's time to get a full service treatment.

30 September 2015

Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Air Conditioning Installation


If you want to have a new air conditioning system installed but are a little worried about the cost of it, you should know that there are some proactive steps that you can take. Take a moment to review the following tips so that you will have the ability to save as much money as possible. Pour The Concrete Yourself A central air conditioning unit needs to be placed on top of a flat concrete pad.

23 September 2015

How To Determine The Causes Of Low Water Pressure


You may need to use a process of elimination approach to find the cause(s) of low water pressure in your home. You should first investigate to see if it is an area-wide issue by contacting your local public works department. You can even ask your neighbors if they are experiencing common issues with water pressure. If you find that the problem is isolated to your home, there are some areas that you can check to attempt to find and correct the problem.

13 September 2015

How To Clear A Clogged Toilet Without A Plunger


Sometimes a toilet bowl can get clogged and a regular plunger just won't clear the obstruction. When this happens, it is important to not panic and stay calm, because there are still a number of things you can do without the assistance of a plunger. For this task you will need the following items: A pair of long rubber gloves Access to hot water Shampoo A bucket 1 - Start by putting on the rubber gloves and make sure that they cover as much of your skin as possible.

2 September 2015