Avoiding Drain Clogs That House Guests Might Inadvertently Cause


If you are having a party or guests are staying over, this might cause additional strain on your plumbing. Many times house guests will inadvertently clog drains only because they don't know any better when it comes to your plumbing nuances. Here are four ways you can keep clogged drains from occurring whenever you have guests over.

1. Decommission the Garbage Disposal

If you have guests that are in town for a few days or you are throwing a dinner party, some of your guests may want to help out in the kitchen. If your friend will be taking on prep work responsibilities, you might want to put a drain catcher in your sink and tape over the garbage disposal. If your disposal is finicky, don't run the risk of friends accidentally putting veggies, eggshells, or coffee grounds down the drain if it can't handle this.

2. Transparency About Older Plumbing

If you aren't sure that friends will understand some of your home's longstanding plumbing sensitivities, don't leave this up to guesswork. If you live in an older house, it might be second nature for your family to go easy on plumbing. Remind friends to be careful what they flush and be mindful of what goes down the drain so that they can help you out.

3. Give Guest Showers a Helping Hand

If you have short hair or a guest bathroom that you rarely use, you might not see clogged shower drains as a common problem. If you have out of town guests, don't just hope that shower problems won't arise. Buy a drain catcher for guest bathrooms so that your shower doesn't get clogged just by an innocent shower. Do a trial run in a rarely used shower and make sure drains are working well before your guests arrive.

4. Point out Additional Bathrooms

If you have more than one bathroom in your home, be sure that your house guests know that using all bathrooms in your home is acceptable. Especially if you are having a party, delegating all guests to one bathroom can quickly lead to clogged drains just from overuse. Don't let your guest bathroom take all of the abuse. Be sure all bathrooms are in service for guests to use.

While having house guests can lead to clogged drains if you aren't on top of it, it might not entirely be your guests fault. If you're noticing recurring stop ups or have continually slow draining sinks and showers, these should be addressed. You might have a bigger problem on your hands than one that can be fixed with a plunger or drain cleaner. Calling in for professional drain cleaning services might ultimately be the only way to clear up chronically clogged drains in your home. For more information, contact a business, such as Backlund Plumbing, for more information. 


22 March 2016

Replacing an Older Plumbing System

I absolutely love the beauty, charm, and character of an older home. When my husband retires from his job, I would like to purchase an older house in the mountains and transform it into a quaint inn. While older homes are beautiful, they do sometimes contain hidden issues. One of these problems is faulty plumbing. Rusty pipes and poor water pressure are common in an older abode. If you just purchased a charming older place, consider immediately replacing the plumbing system in the home. In doing so, you might be able to save yourself from major issues in the future. On this blog, you will discover the many benefits of replacing an older plumbing system.