The Home Auto Mechanic's Guide To Garage Floor Drain Maintenance


If you frequently work on your vehicles in your garage, then it is important to keep its floor drains clean and free of accumulated grease and dirt. After each project is completed in your garage, take a moment to inspect the drain and check to make sure that nothing is blocking its water flow. This is vital to ensure that the drain is working properly and will drain storm water or flooding from a failed water heater in the case of an emergency.

Use the procedure listed below to clean your garage's floor drain after you work on your vehicles:

Step 1: Using a flashlight, look into the floor drain and check for any signs of an obvious obstruction. If you do not see anything inside of the drain pipe, then pour some water down the drain and check to make sure that it is draining properly. Water flowing freely down the drain lets you know that the plumbing is fine and no more attention is necessary. However, if the water doesn't drain or takes a while to do so, then you need to clean out the drain.

Step 2: The easiest way to clean out a floor drain is to remove the drain screen with a screwdriver and remove any visible material in the drain with a shop vacuum. After cleaning out any material you find in the drain pipe, then pour some more water down the drain and check its flow. If the drain flows freely, then you have averted a potential flooding problem in your garage. If the drain still doesn't flow, then you have the following options:

  • chemically dissolve the clog with a residential drain cleaning product
  • organically dissolve the clog using equal parts of baking soda and vinegar
  • plunge the drain with a toilet plunger
  • auger the drain with a drain snake

For a household drain clog, the organic baking soda and vinegar combination will work well, but for a garage clog from a lot of grease, a commercial drain cleaning product is in order. Once you have dissolved the clog, then you can plunge the drain in the same way that you would your toilet. If the drain has been cleaned and plunged and still will not flow, then you need to auger out the clog using a drain snake. You can purchase an inexpensive drain snake at your local hardware store or have a licensed plumber come to your home and clean the drain for you.

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10 February 2016

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