Fixing A Leak In Heating And AC Ducts


If you have a hole in your home's heating and cooling duct work, it can cause the system to work harder in order to keep the temperature regulated. This can make your energy bill skyrocket and can also prevent your home from feeling comfortable during hotter and colder months. Fortunately, a hole in your duct work is easy to repair and can be done with a few tools and some easy steps.

Prepping The Area

Rather than buying an entirely new section of duct, you can easily seal the hole using a special silver tape that can be found at most hardware stores. This tape is very sticky and is meant to both seal and attach pieces of duct work together. Before you apply the tape, you should thoroughly clean the area you plan to apply the tape to in order to provide a smooth, clean surface for the tape to stick to. Using a simple soap and water mixture, thoroughly scrub the area of duct work around the hole and on the other side. Then, allow it to completely dry before applying the tape.

Applying The Tape

Pull off about six to eight inches of the aluminum sealing tape from the roll. This tape has a wax backing that you will need to slowly peel back from the other side of the tape. Then, gently but firmly apply the section of tape directly over the hole, making sure that it thoroughly covers it. Repeat this process several times, ensuring you apply tape around the entire circumference of the duct work to provide a sturdy bond. As you apply a new section of tape, make sure that the edge of the tape overlaps the hole with every application. Do this at least three times as you apply apt pressure to it with every pass. This will ensure that it's sticking all the way around and providing a completely air tight seal.

Checking The Sealed Hole

After you've sealed the hole in your duct work, run the air conditioner or heat and check to see if you notice a difference in how well it is working. You will know the sealed hole has corrected the problem when the temperature you set on the thermostat takes less time to be reached. You should also notice improved efficiency and a better consistency in your home's temperature overall. If you still notice problems with your HVAC system, there may be more than one hole in the duct work, or there could be other problems. When in doubt, call a heating and air repair specialist to come and troubleshoot any issues you might be experiencing. 


5 February 2016

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