Shut Off Your Water During Plumbing Emergencies


Do you know what to do in the event that your water line bursts? The quicker you can get the water turned off, the less time you will spend cleaning up and the less damage will be done. If you don't know how to shut off the main water supply to your home, it's about time you learn before you find yourself swimming in your living room because you had no idea how to shut off the water when your water line bursts.

Shut Off Well Water Main

If you have a well feeding your home the water you need, you should be able to locate the shut-off valve somewhere close to the pressure tank. Start by looking on the pipe that leads to the pressure tank – typically, you will see a lever on the side of that line. Turn the valve to shut off the water – easy as that.

Shut Off City Water Main

If you get your water through the city water system, your shut off valve can be found outside near your meter. In most cases, the valve is underground just below the meter covered by an access panel. If the panel hasn't been accessed in quite a while, it may require a bit of digging to get it opened.

Once it is open, you will see one of two valves – one with a flange or one with a metal handle. If you don't see a handle, you will need a wrench to turn the valve to close it. In this case, you should purchase an extra wrench to store in the box with the valve, so when you need it, it will be there.

Localized Shut Off

In some cases, you won't need to shut off the water to the entire house to put a stop to the gushing. Instead, you can turn the water off using a localized valve – like under your sink or above your hot water tank.

These localized valves go unused for quite some time and can become difficult to turn. Take a little time each month and go through your house and turn the valves off and then back on a time or two. This will keep them from locking up so that you will easily be able to turn them during an actual plumbing emergency.

If you are unable to find the shut off valves for your home, talk with a plumber like RooterGuy® Plumbing for assistance. You will be glad you know exactly what to do in the event of a burst or leaking water line.


5 January 2016

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