Exploring Bathroom Flooring Options


While durability and visual appeal are factors homeowners and landlords like to consider during a bathroom remodel, there is one factor more important than any other when choosing bathroom flooring. That factor is moisture. Arguably, your bathroom builds up more moisture than any room in your home and it does so quickly. For this reason, whether or not a type of flooring gets along with moisture should be your biggest concern when choosing a flooring.

Carpet Flooring

Most remodel and flooring experts are going to tell you carpet flooring is the worst option when it comes to bathroom flooring. This is because carpet and moisture do not make a good combination. There are, however, many homeowners and landlords who opt for carpet flooring in the bathroom for one reason or another. These reasons could include budget, availability, or personal preference. If you are someone who has to have carpet in the bathroom, there are ways to make carpet flooring work.

You want to avoid organic carpet materials such as wool for bathroom flooring. Carpet flooring that is 100 percent olefin material is the best option on the market. Choose a carpet with a low pile {the thickness of the carpet}. The thicker the carpet is, the more moisture it is going to absorb. A wet vacuum and extra bath mats to put over the carpet near the bathtub and sink will help you protect the flooring.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the best bathroom flooring options on the market. It is inexpensive and waterproof. The biggest downside to ceramic tile in the bathroom is temperature. It, unfortunately, gets very cold with great ease. It also gets very slippery when it is wet. Fortunately, you do have the option of investing in heated or radiant ceramic tile flooring; and textured tiles will make the floor more slip resistant.


Stone flooring consists of limestone, granite, and marble. You won't have to worry about moisture, but it tends to be a more expensive option. Just like ceramic tile, stone tends to be slippery and it gets cold with ease. Getting textured stone will resolve the slippery issue, but it makes the flooring even more expensive.

As you can see, there are both good and bad options to consider when choosing a new floor for your bathroom. Furthermore, all flooring options are going to have benefits and drawbacks they bring to the table. What type of flooring you end up choosing tends to be a decision made by personal preference and budget limitations.  For more information, contact companies like Hanover Supply Co. 


16 December 2015

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