The Pros & Cons Of Installing A Vacuum Assist Toilet In Your Bathroom


When it comes to your bathroom, you want to make sure that you have a toilet that you only have to flush once and everything is gone. Additionally, it is nice to have a toilet that needs minimal repairs. Here are some of the pros and cons of installing a vacuum assisted toilet in your house, as well as a basic review of how this type of toilet works.

The Basics Of How A Vacuum Assist Toilet Works

Vacuum assist toilets are one of the newest type of toilets and flushing systems on the market. Gravity assisted toilets have been on the market for decades, but vacuum assist toilets are relatively new in the toilet technology department.

Inside of the traditional porcelain tank, there is a secondary vacuum tank where all the water is stored and that is connected to the trapway. The trapway is the tube on your toilet that carries the water out of the bowl.

The bowl and the tank work together on this type of toilet. When you flush the toilet, as the water flows out of the tank and into the bowl, it creates suction that helps suck the soiled water out of the bowel.

The Pros Of A Vacuum Assist Toilet

One of the most obvious advantages of a vacuum assist toilet is that it has a really strong flush. It was created specifically to ensure that all solid waste could be cleared from the toilet bowl using as little water as possible with one flush. They tend to clear out solid waste better than the older gravity based toilets.

Next, because the water is stored inside of an inner tank, your toilet bowl will never get sweaty. You will not have to worry about condensation with a vacuum assist toilet.

Finally, vacuum assist toilets are easy to repair because they use many of the same parts as gravity based toilets, which have dominated the market and the repair aisle for years.

The Cons Of A Vacuum Assist Toilet

Since vacuum assist toilets represent some of the newest technology on the market in concerns to toilets, they tend to cost a little more than traditional gravity-based toilet models.

Additionally, there are currently only a limited number of manufacturers that make vacuum assist toilets. You will have less options to choose from if you go this route.

If you are looking for an easy to repair toilet that also integrates the latest in toilet flush technology and innovation, then the vacuum assist toilet may be the right one for your home.

To learn more, contact your plumber. 


9 December 2015

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