4 Ways To Prevent Water Damage In Your Bathroom When There's A Leak


A toilet that is overflowing, or another serious leak, can cause large amounts of water to gush into your bathroom. Along with being a major annoyance and inconvenience, all of this water can also damage your flooring, your cabinetry and other parts of your bathroom. Preventing leaks from happening in the first place is the most effective way to prevent water damage in your bathroom, but following these tips can help if a leak does happen.

1. Turn Off the Water

First of all, you should put a stop to the leak as soon as possible. Look for a shut-off valve near the wall if the leak is coming from your toilet. If you're dealing with a leak from your sink, there should be a shut-off valve underneath the sink. If you are unable to find a shut-off valve, you can turn off all of the water to your home with with your whole-house shut-off valve until a plumber is able to come and fix the problem.

2. Sop Up What You Can

Don't just leave the water sitting there until you're able to fix the leak. If there are large amounts of water, you can scoop up as much as possible with a bucket or pot. Pour it in the bathtub or shower as you work. For smaller amounts, use lots of towels to sop up as much of the moisture as you can.

3. Turn the Fan On

Your bathroom fan is designed to pull moisture from the air, so turn it on immediately until you are able to have the problem resolved and until you're able to clean up all of the water. If your bathroom does not have a fan, you can also open up the bathroom window as a means of airing out some of the humidity in the room.

4. Call an Emergency Plumber

If your bathroom leak occurs late in the evening, on a weekend or on a holiday, you might think that you will have to wait to have the problem fixed. However, an emergency plumber should be happy to come out and address the problem at any time of the night or day. Calling an emergency plumber to come out can help you prevent property damage and can help you get your bathroom back in shape right away.

Water damage can be a serious problem if you have a bathroom leak. Luckily, following these four tips can help.


7 October 2015

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