Smelly Sewer Odors Around The Home? Act Fast To Avoid A Messy Situation


If you have odors around the yard and you think there could be issues with the septic tank, you want to give it attention fast. It's a safety concern to be inhaling feces and urine, and you could be polluting the property and ground water.

If you know the unit has never had a proper inspection, or you don't have your plumbing inspected as often as you should, it's time to get a full service treatment. You'll want to call a company that specializes in septic system repairs, so you can get to the bottom of your smelly situation. Do the following sooner rather than later.

Septic Inspection

Hire a professional septic cleaning and servicing company like Speedy Rooter to inspect the tank. If waste is leaking out of the tank in any place it needs to be repaired immediately. If the inspection shows that there are small cracks in the tank, or in the pipes that lead to the tank, there may be trenchless replacement options, or repair options that don't require digging. If the tank is starting to deteriorate you may have to replace it entirely.

Empty and Clean

Have the unit emptied and cleaned. This allows the inspectors to see everything in detail, and you'll know the tank is overflowing. Cleaning may be enough to remove the odors that linger around your property and home. If you know the tank has never been cleaned, or that it hasn't been cleaned since you lived there, you want it emptied anyways for safety and sanitation purposes.

Remove Mulch and Brush

If the tank was leaking and you have mulch around the house, or other types of brush or greenery that could have absorbed the toxic soil or fluids, remove all of these things to remove the odors. If a deck could have been contaminated, replace the wood. You don't want the odors and bacteria sticking around the house, or spreading throughout the property.

Having sewer problems and ignoring them can lead to fines and penalties from the city, and your neighbors could take legal action against you to have the problem fixed. You want to know if you have small leaks, if waste is back flowing into the home, or if you need a new system. Get everything repaired in advanced so you don't have to deal with any backlash or legal problems, and so you know your property is safe and the soil isn't contaminated.


30 September 2015

Replacing an Older Plumbing System

I absolutely love the beauty, charm, and character of an older home. When my husband retires from his job, I would like to purchase an older house in the mountains and transform it into a quaint inn. While older homes are beautiful, they do sometimes contain hidden issues. One of these problems is faulty plumbing. Rusty pipes and poor water pressure are common in an older abode. If you just purchased a charming older place, consider immediately replacing the plumbing system in the home. In doing so, you might be able to save yourself from major issues in the future. On this blog, you will discover the many benefits of replacing an older plumbing system.