Tips For Saving Money On Your Next Air Conditioning Installation


If you want to have a new air conditioning system installed but are a little worried about the cost of it, you should know that there are some proactive steps that you can take. Take a moment to review the following tips so that you will have the ability to save as much money as possible.

Pour The Concrete Yourself

A central air conditioning unit needs to be placed on top of a flat concrete pad. This is to keep the bottom of the unit safe from the moist ground, which can affect the functionality of the unit and cause it to eventually for rust spots. Many air conditioning companies will pour the concrete for you and then return to install the unit once it has dried. However, you can save yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself. Even if you need a friend or family help for a few bucks, it should still be a lot cheaper. Just make sure that the dimensions are within the requirements of the installation company. Call them ahead of time to find out how big the concrete slab must be.

Avoid Mid-Summer Installations

Many air conditioning installation companies find themselves to be extremely busy during the hottest part of the summer. This is because some people will finally decide that they have had enough and will suddenly want a central air conditioner installed or they are having trouble with theirs because it is in need of repair. This is also the time of year when come companies will charge a little more for their services, since they are having to put in extra long days, including some weekends in some cases. Therefore, if at all possible, you will want to have your air conditioner installed during the cooler months. The installation companies are less likely to have as much business and may very well offer a sales price or discount in order to round up some customers.

Sign Up For Additional Services

Some air conditioning installation companies will offer a cheaper price on the installation of a new unit if you sign up for a yearly servicing of the unit through their company. While not all companies will offer this, it is worth it to try to find one that does. Not only will you save some money right from the beginning, but you will be more likely to keep up with the regular servicing of the air conditioner, which will surely extend the life of the unit.

With the previously mentioned things in mind, you should have no problem making sure that you are able to save as much money as possible on the installation of your air conditioning unit. Contact a local contractor, like Tidewater Plumbing & Heating, for help.


23 September 2015

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