How To Clean Your Air Ducts


If you are considering having your heating and air conditioning system serviced, you should clean your air ducts first. If your HVAC system is having problems with air flow, the problem could be cause by clogged or dirty ducts. Cleaning your ducts is also the best way to get rid of mold that can form from moisture build up within the ducts. This article will explain how you can clean your ducts and vents on your own, before you have your air conditioners or heaters looked at.

Cleaning the Vents

First, you want to clean your vents. To do this you will want to remove them from the walls. Most vents are attached to the walls using just two Phillips head screws. To speed up the process, remove all of the vents at once and clean them in your sink. Using hot water and a basic household cleaner or dishwashing soap, you can quickly clean your vents. Scrub them lightly so you do not rub off the paint. Look for black spots, especially behind the vent slats and hinges. This could be mold and you will want to completely remove any trace of it. When you reattach the vents, you might want to buy new screws. Vent screws are painted and this paint often chips away from the screw when they are loosened or tightened too many times. If you use a new pair of screws, the vent will look much nicer.

Cleaning the Ducts

Cleaning the ducts is a little more difficult because you want to get deep within the duct. Use a telescoping cleaning pole. If you do not have one, you can attach a rag to a telescoping paint stick or a long broom. If the rag is wet, you will have an easier time collecting dust and rubbing away dirty spots on the ducts walls. You might also want to tape a flashlight onto the edge of your pole so you can see what you are cleaning.

This DIY method is simple but very effective. You might immediately notice that your heating and air conditioning units works better as your home receives better airflow. You might even be able to use you heating and air conditioning less, and save some money in the process. However, you should still have your HVAC units serviced by licensed air conditioning service and repair professionals because they could be the cause of the problem in the first place.


16 June 2015

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