The Smelly Science Behind Portable Toilets: Why Some Portable Restroom Rentals Reek When Others Don't


Portable toilets, or porta-potties, are meant to collect and contain human waste. It is perfectly normal for them to have some sort of outhouse odor. However they are designed to dispense of those odors in a very scientific way. If you are in the business of portable restroom rentals but have received more than one complaint of their obnoxious odor, you may need a plumber's help to figure out why and show you how a porta-potty typically rids itself of sewage smells.

Porta-Potty Ventilation Science

Every porta-potty you rent out has a ventilation system designed to disperse odors. The openings near the ceilings release immediate smells while the holding tank has its own venting pipe. As the wind blows past the pipe, the pipe releases fumes and foul smells and pulls them away from the porta-potty units. This only works so long as everyone who uses a unit puts the lid down on the toilet seat. Leaving the lid up actually reverses the ventilation vacuum, causing the holding tank smells to be caught inside your porta-potty units. Requesting or putting up a sign asking consumers to please put the lid down will significantly reduce the unpleasant odors already emitting from the toilet itself.

When the Tank Vents Are Blocked

Even if all of your consumers say that people have been following the lid down rule and it the toilets still stink, there might be something wrong with the vents. A plumber can run a sewer camera through the tank's vent pipe and see if there is somehow some sort of blockage. Leaves and debris flying through the wind attach to the exterior portion of the vent and block it off up there. Sometimes an overflowing amount of feces in the unit will cause the vent pipe to get clogged. An unfortunate tipping event will cause the feces to enter and block the opening of the tank vent, requiring a plumber to help you remove it and turn the entire unit back into a functional porta-potty.

Your Maintenance Crew Has Skipped a Few Cleanings

Porta-potties require frequent emptying, cleaning and disinfection. If you are receiving complaints about their smell, it is possible that your crew is not completing all of their cleaning duties. The easiest way for you or a plumber to check this problem is to scoop out some of the chemicals in the holding tank. If the chemicals are green instead of blue, it means the toilet has to be completely flushed and has not been cleaned out in quite some time. A thorough flushing, clearing, cleaning, disinfection and chemical refill is in order and will need to be done to rid your rentals of the smells and the consumer complaints.


5 June 2015

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