Three Expensive Problems That Result From "Sweating" Pipes And Plumbing Fixtures


Living in a hot and humid climate with no air conditioning often results in the formation of condensation on your plumbing fixtures and pipes. If you have central air conditioning, but it is currently broken, it can continue to affect the amount of condensation formed and lead to other problems. It is important to get a plumbing and heating repair service into your home right away so you can avoid these more expensive issues.

1. Water Damage

When pipes with condensation run so close to wooden floor boards and walls, the constant "sweating" creates mold and mildew. As the water damage grows, it begins to rot your home from the inside out. This leads to water damage restoration and cleanup expenses, all of which you could have avoided and prevented by calling a plumber and an HVAC technician. 

2. Rust Buildup and Pipe Destruction

Condensation on your pipes allows oxidation to occur. On copper pipes, this looks like a green patina, and on other types of metal plumbing pipes, it is just thick crusts of rust. Over time, this weakens your pipes and then all it takes is one very cold night, and your pipes burst. The costs related to emergency plumbing repair and complete pipe replacement are staggering when compared to the cost of prevention and air conditioning repair.

3. Insects Invade

All of the creepiest insect arthropods and pests are drawn to the condensation and moisture in your home. If you have not noticed it already, you will gradually see lots more centipedes, millipedes, silverfish and earwigs crawling all over your home. Although an exterminator can spray every moist area in your home for these pests, they will keep coming back until you address the heating, cooling, and pipe condensation issues you are experiencing.

How to Prevent These Issues

Hiring an HVAC technician to repair your central air conditioning helps keep your home at a more comfortable and less humid temperature. After the HVAC technician has completed his or her job, hire a plumber to check out your pipes and any possible damaged areas in your home. Then the plumber can insulate your cold water pipes (the pipes most affected by condensation) and your water heater. As for condensation on your toilets and faucets, that should stop almost immediately after your central air has evened out the temperature and humidity in your home. If it does not, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to dry things out a bit.


11 April 2015

Replacing an Older Plumbing System

I absolutely love the beauty, charm, and character of an older home. When my husband retires from his job, I would like to purchase an older house in the mountains and transform it into a quaint inn. While older homes are beautiful, they do sometimes contain hidden issues. One of these problems is faulty plumbing. Rusty pipes and poor water pressure are common in an older abode. If you just purchased a charming older place, consider immediately replacing the plumbing system in the home. In doing so, you might be able to save yourself from major issues in the future. On this blog, you will discover the many benefits of replacing an older plumbing system.