Things To Consider Before Installing A Claw Foot Tub


Owning a claw foot tub is a dream for many people. There is just something about them that radiates beauty and elegance. You may think that making the dream come true is as simple as removing the old bathtub and putting the claw foot tub in its place. However, there are some things that need to be considered when you are preparing to place one of these tubs in your bathroom.


Let's start with the plumbing. Most likely your house has a standard bathtub or shower installed in it. The plumbing to this is very different than it needs to be for a claw foot tub. It will cost you a bit of time and even money if you have to run new plumbing to the tub. Due to the way the claw foot tub is set up, it needs to be placed as close to the drain as possible. You also need to decide where to install the faucets for the tub since most of them do not come with one. A popular choice is the side of the tub, which means the plumbing needs to be ran to that area.


When placing the tub in the bathroom, you may discover that the floor is not perfectly flat. This can create a lop-sided look for the tub. You can fix this problem by placing something under the feet that are on the uneven spot of the floor. You also need to consider if the flooring is adequate enough for the tub to sit on. Carpet and linoleum are not recommended flooring materials due to how soft they are compared to the extreme weight of a claw foot tub. Unless you have stronger materials like hardwood or tile, you should consider re-flooring the room that the tub will go in.


As mentioned before, claw foot tubs are a considerable amount of weight. They are also very large when compared to normal bathtubs. Before purchasing the tub, make sure you measure the doorways and space in the bathroom to make sure the claw foot tub will even fit. Once that is determined, be prepared to lift the heavy tub through the house and into the bathroom. Gather a group of people to help you move the tub into place so you do not injure yourself trying to move it.


Though there are a lot of considerations to installing a claw foot tub, it will be worth it in the end. A claw foot tub is a great addition to any household. You can add extra elegance to the tub by painting the feet gold or other bright colors to match your bathroom scheme. You can even paint the tub itself!

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6 April 2015

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