3 Simple, Effective Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Home Heating System


If this winter's heating bills have your wallet begging for mercy? If so, then your home's heating system may not be operating as efficiently as it could. Even if you have an older furnace, however, the good news is that there are some steps you can take to improve overall efficiency and save yourself some money on your energy bills. The best part? None of these are very expensive.

Insulate Your Ductwork

Your home's ductwork is responsible for carrying heat directly from your furnace and distributing it evenly to the various air registers throughout your home. Unfortunately, exposed ducts tend to lose a lot of the hot air they carry as a result of leaks and lack of insulation. If your home's ducts are currently not insulated, now is a good time to repair any leaks and have them completely insulated. Doing so will help minimize air loss and ensure that the air that comes from your furnace stays as warm as possible as it travels to the air registers in each room. As a result, you can boost your heating system's efficiency and save money on your monthly energy bills.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Do you have an old dial thermostat that needs to be manually adjusted? If so, then you could be wasting your money. Consider making the switch to a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to set your thermostat to customizable settings that save you money. For even greater control over your heating system, install a WiFi-enabled smart thermostat, which will actually allow you to control your home's heating and cooling systems from anywhere using an application on your smartphone or tablet.

Schedule Annual Inspections

Above all else, making sure that your home heating system is properly maintained is probably the best way to ensure efficiency and savings. If you don't already have an annual service/inspection plan with a local heating contractor (such as Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc), now is the time to sign up for one. Annual tuneups will help keep your system running efficiently while also giving you the peace of mind in knowing your heating system is in safe running condition.

Energy costs are sky-high, but this doesn't mean you don't have options for saving money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Be sure to give some or all of these a day and see what a difference they can make in your monthly energy costs in the process.


30 March 2015

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