Never Stick These 5 Items In Your Garbage Disposal


Most people assume that their garbage disposal is the work horse of the kitchen. It has a powerful motor and should be able to handle anything you shove down it, right?! Wrong. In fact, you need to treat your garbage disposal with care in order to prevent costly plumbing repair bills. Try scraping your dinner plates into the trash instead, and avoid these items altogether.

1. Egg Shells: Depending on the horsepower of your garbage disposal motor, it may be able to handle egg shells. The problem, however, lies further down the line. The fine particles can clog the line and get stuck in the trap. They do not sharpen the blades as some people assume. 

2. Lettuce: At first glance, lettuce may seem harmless, but do not be fooled. The flimsy leaves of this vegetable can get wrapped around the blades of your system once you try to grind them up. Try keeping a vegetable compost bin near your kitchen sink.

These "green bins" are a handy way to temporarily dispose of vegetable scraps before depositing them in a compost pile. In fact, the city of Vancouver, in British Columbia, requires all residents to use such bins.  

3. Potato Peels: While peeling your potatoes in the sink and immediately using your garbage disposal to get rid of them may seem like a natural thing to do, don't. The high level of starchiness in potato peels can clog both the blades of your disposal and your pipes. 

4. Grease: If you put grease down your disposal, run cold water to solidify the grease, which your disposal can then cut into smaller bits. Warm water keeps the grease liquid through the blades, but it will solidify further along in your plumbing system, leading to clogs and the need for a plumber.

Better yet, store your grease in an old coffee can and dispose of in the trash when the can is full.

5. Rice: Like potatoes, rice is extremely starchy. The starch turns to a glue-like substance when wet and can easily grind your disposal to a halt. Unfortunately, Mother Nature Network states that rice breeds an unwanted bacteria when used in compost piles so your best bet is to throw it out with your standard trash collection.

To keep your garbage disposal healthy and extend its life-expectancy, treat it kindly and limit the types of items that you expose its blades to. If you are having problems with this and other issues like leak detection, contact a plumber for help.


26 March 2015

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