Three Tips for Living with a Low-Yield Well


Usually, a well needs to produce four to 10 gallons of water per minute to meet a household's water needs. If you have a low-yield well, it won't be able to produce this much water, and you may not have enough water for showers, washing dishes, and other needs. Here are three tips for living with a low-yield well. Spread out your water usage Typically, a family of four will use 200 to 400 gallons of water per day, and, when you have a private well, all of that water needs to come from your well.

5 October 2016

Information Every Pet Owner Should Know About Clogged Drains When You Don't Want To Take Apart Any Of The Plumbing


If you regularly bathe any furry family members at home in a sink or bathtub, there is a good chance that eventually their fur could cause a clogged drain. Fortunately, you do not need to panic, even if you are intimidated by the idea of removing pipes. That is because the following information will allow you to make the best choices when you are concerned about clogged drains, so that your clean and hygienic sink or tub can maintain its expected appearance and use.

6 August 2016

Do You Waste Too Much Water at Home?


Clean water is not an unlimited resource. If you use too much of it, not only will your water bills be extra high, but you'll be doing the environment harm as well. Here is a look at some common ways people waste water at home and how you can address them. Using the wrong plumbing fixtures. If your faucets and shower heads are more than a few years old, you're probably unknowingly wasting water every time you use them.

27 July 2016

Common Odor Problems In Drinking Water


It can be a bit unnerving when you pour yourself a nice big tall glass of water and you catch a whiff of a funny smell. Depending on the type of smell you are experiencing, there could be a few different things going on with your water. Chlorine and Laundry Detergent If your water smells like you just took a dip in the pool or more like bleach, then you might have a lot of chlorine in the water.

20 July 2016

Avoiding Drain Clogs That House Guests Might Inadvertently Cause


If you are having a party or guests are staying over, this might cause additional strain on your plumbing. Many times house guests will inadvertently clog drains only because they don't know any better when it comes to your plumbing nuances. Here are four ways you can keep clogged drains from occurring whenever you have guests over. 1. Decommission the Garbage Disposal If you have guests that are in town for a few days or you are throwing a dinner party, some of your guests may want to help out in the kitchen.

22 March 2016

3 Reasons Why You Need A Plumber To Unclog Your Toilet


Homes and business alike depend on working toilets for anyone who comes inside. Without a working toilet, you would have to figure out another way to go to the restroom. Instead of trying to handle the clog on your own, you can turn to a plumber to come out and get to the bottom of it for you. They have all the necessary tools and techniques to come in and get it taken care of without causing any damage to your toilet or your system.

23 February 2016

Spring Cleaning And Your Plumbing


When you are ready to think spring and begin to plan your spring cleaning projects, don't forget your plumbing. You'll be (unpleasantly) surprised when you discover all of the muck that is hiding just out of sight inside your plumbing. Cleaning will not only improve the efficiency of your plumbing, but also help to eliminate bacteria and mold from your plumbing components. Where should you begin your plumbing spring cleaning?

16 February 2016